Monday, 1 August 2016

Work has begun on the Named Person amendments

"The Deputy First Minister said work has begun on the necessary amendments so that it can be rolled out across Scotland `at the earliest possible date`."

"John Swinney said: `I have already spoken directly with senior figures from the public and third sectors including NHS, local authorities and Police Scotland to discuss our next steps`."

"We will continue these discussions, including with professional bodies, to use the expertise of those working directly with children and families as we move forward with our plans."

"Through our widely-supported approach to early intervention and getting it right for every child, developed over the last decade, and through the named person service specifically, we aim to place the needs of children at the heart of public services."

"As I have made clear, the Government remains absolutely committed to the named person service so we can get it right for every child and ensure families get the right support when they need it."


John Swinney is discussing next steps and making plans with senior figures and there`s only 38 days left to rewrite the legislation, the regulations and the guidance, so that they are compatible with Data Protection law and Article 8 of ECHR.

A decade in the making, and it`s going to be sorted in less than six weeks ? What about SHANARRI? What about SEEMIS? What about the data breaches and the shortage of health visitors and the overworked teachers? Is there something I can`t see?

Because one of us has sure lost the plot.


  1. It`s important to note the following update:

    The 42 days cited in the judgment are for the parties involved in the legal action to make submissions on whether or not the UK Supreme Court should use its section 102 power in effect to maintain a supervisory role over the Scottish Government/Parliament – effectively to give them a period to change the law and guidance into what the Scottish Ministers think to be a Convention compatible form and then re-present this to the court for their approval.

    It is certainly not expected that the necessary legislative/guidance changes will be presented to the court within the 42 day period mentioned in the judgment.

    More at: