Thursday, 11 August 2016

Restructuring the curriculum

Tim Ryan says that the ability to regulate your own emotional state comes before science, technology and maths which is why it is to become part of Common Core state standards.

A look back at the 1989 Governors conference on Education `Schools, Goals and the 1990s` and it is much more explicit.

Shirley McCune, an authority in public education, says: "What is happening in America ... is a total transformation of our society. We have moved into a new era. That era we`ve talked about is the information society and we have already gone through a couple of phases... One of those is the information capital that we could put together and our ability to use information to produce products and to produce new ideas and new information. And secondly, to produce human capital."

"During the past ten years we`ve been going through a reform movement and that reform movement began with the governors of the nation and basically what their concern was, was that they began to understand the very close relationship between economic development and human capital."

"It`s the future that motivates us; it`s not what we`re doing now."

"You have to understand the breadth of the task that`s before us. You cannot think about beginning the restructuring of education without understanding that our total society is in a crisis of restructuring."

"Thirty percent of the district`s children are either physically, emotionally or sexually abused and so when we begin to look at a society that allows thirty percent of the children in this country to be abused, it seems to me we really have some questions to ask ourselves about the quality of adults that we have."

"We`re spending more on schools but what we`re also taking on more and more in schools - and that will be a trend that will continue - we`re not only feeding kids at noon, we`re feeding them in the morning. We in fact are providing more psychological services. We`re providing special ed services. And more and more the school is the hub or the centre of human resource development services in the school. We have to have better people in this society."

"But we also have to prepare them with the range of knowledge and skills that they`re going to need for their personal, psychological wellbeing, their self esteem, their ethics, their ability to give and care for others, with group and organisational skills, leadership skills, conflict resolution skills, working with people who are different to what they are. We`re going to have to provide them with career development skills. All of those are clearly what has to be part of the curriculum."

"We also need to restructure our curriculum. What the revolution has been in curriculum is that we are no longer teaching facts to children. It is almost impossible for us to guess the kind of facts that they will need... In Phoenix Arizona I think that`s the first place it`s happened, we now have the mayor of the city who has an educator whose job is to work with the social welfare community and put together a total network of human resource development activities in that community where we can actually provide for all of the needs of the children and of the adults in that community."

"What we know is that the earlier we intervene into the lives of people the cheaper it is."

Moulding human capital for the restructured society !

Meanwhile standards continue to decline as noted by the
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. (OECD)

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