Friday, 8 January 2016

UK Column News 7 January 2016

The UK Column News yesterday (7 January 2016) had a number of references to the situation in the UK and with regard to children in particular. 

They talk about Naomi Wolf`s 10 steps to fascism and point out that this is what is taking place in the UK.

Of course, Scotland is ahead of the game with its one Police Scotland (armed) and its Named Person surveillance system in place.

Mike Robinson invites listeners to read an article on the common purpose effect on the UK Column website by Martin Edwards, Leadership Training for a Common Purpose, which is the final one of a series. It can be found on their website:

They give a summary of information received from a police whistleblower in contact with the UK Column about the level of abuse suffered by children and give a figure of 56,000 children.

The abuse statistics are so dangerous to the government that charities have been threatenend that no funding will be provided to them if they speak out. What happened to Kids Company is a warning.

They then go on to question the supposed independence of the Goddard Inquiry and point out the many connections Goddard has to the Home Office. Also, there is a statement on the Child Abuse Inquiry website which is puzzling.

"What does this mean?" asks Brian Gerrish.  " Looking at solutions even before you know what the problem is..?....You know where you`re going with this... and then you bring in the Named Person scheme, possibly...So you haven`t investigated the crimes, but you`re already working on what the solutions are? "

"It`s a cover-up, Mike."

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UPDATE 8 January 2016


At 21 minutes David Scott goes through the situation in Scotland. For instance, the remit of the Child Abuse Inquiry north of the border only covers abuse of children in residences and so dismisses over 90% of child abuse cases and has lost the confidence of child abuse survivors.

As regards the Named Person scheme, people are told that parental engagement with the Named Person is voluntary but the legislation says otherwise.
Are politicians lying or just incompetent? Time will tell.


  1. A spokesperson for the inquiry said: "The Historical Child Abuse Inquiry continues to engage with a range of groups in order to understand their views on how the inquiry should proceed with its work."

    "We are developing and will shortly finalise procedures that will enable us to take and assess the evidence received from survivors and other interested parties."

    "These procedures will include how to apply for funding for legal representation. As the chair indicated last month, interested parties will have until 31 January to make their views known."