Saturday, 2 January 2016

Barnevernet adoption plans

"Norwegian child services have begun the adoption process for five children who were seized from a Romanian Pentecostal family in November after concerns were expressed about the parents' Christian faith, the family says."

"As previously reported by the Christian Post, the five children of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu were seized by the Barnevernet (Norway's child services agency) on Nov. 16 after the principal of the middle school their two oldest daughters attend cited concerns about the children's religious upbringing and how the parents were teaching their kids that God punishes sin."

"Although the principal only asked the Barnevernet to offer the family counseling services and never requested that the children be removed from the home, the agency removed all five kids from their parents custody on the claim that the children were being physically abused..."

"The children, including a nursing infant son, have now been placed in three separate foster homes while their parents have been given extremely limited visitation rights. Although both parents can see their infant son twice a week, only Ruth can visit with her two oldest sons once per week while neither parent can visit their daughters... "

"The Bodnarius are not alone in fighting the Barnevernet to get their children back. Ionescu stated that the Barnevernet has a history of abusing its power. Ionescu cited the Radulescu family, who beat the agency in a case before the Supreme Court of Norway two years ago. Although the family won the case, Barnevernet is still going to list their children for adoption."

"Barnevernet is going ahead with the process of adoption because they say that such a long time has passed and now it is going to be traumatic for the children to be returned to their parents," Ionescu said."

"As hundreds have already gathered for protests at Norwegian embassies in Romania and Spain, and protests are planned for January at embassies in London, Washington, Canada, Germany, India, Poland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, Ionescu stated that the Bodnariu case is the best opportunity yet to build international awareness about the Barnevernet's abuse of power."



  1. I am not a religious person, which is neither here nor there. I gave that up in my teens under my own volition and inclinations.

    What I object to, as a non-believer, is the persecution of people for their beliefs, sincerely held.

    I especially recognise that there is a concerted attack on Christianity. Since that was the faith of my forebears, I am wary about any government`s motivation for doing that.