Saturday, 15 February 2014

Update on Robert Green arrest and remand Perth

For immediate release and wide distribution to all free media and mainstream media worldwide: 

Robert green appeared in Aberdeen Sheriffs Court late afternoon yesterday and has been remanded in custody in Perth Prison until a new hearing takes place on 21st February 2014 - again at Aberdeen Sheriffs Court.

It is understood that Bail was strongly opposed by the Procurator Fiscal's Scotland Office under the leadership of Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC. Mulholland is the
successor to Elish Angiolini who is believed to be the principal party in the case against Robert Green's campaign for justice for abuse victim Hollie Greig.

Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland is the ministerial head of COPFS the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, leading the system of criminal prosecutions and the investigation of deaths. He is the senior of the two Law
Officers, along with the Solicitor General for Scotland. Both are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the First Minister, with the agreement of the Scottish Parliament.

COPFS claims to play a pivotal part in the justice system, working with others to make Scotland safe from crime, disorder and danger. "The public interest is at the heart of all we do as independent prosecutors. We take into account the diverse needs of victims, witnesses, communities and the
rights of those accused of crime. We support the Strategy for Justice in Scotland and, in particular, its priorities of: Reducing crime, particularly violent and serious organised crime, Tackling hate crime and sectarianism, Supporting victims and witnesses, and Increasing public confidence and
reducing fear of crime."

These claims appear to fly in the face of the key point of Robert Green's campaign for justice for abuse victim Hollie Grieg; that Scottish police failed to investigate abusers named by Hollie to family members and during her own police interview. Yet Hollie was declared a reliable and trustworthy witness by both professionals and Scottish police.

Having been denied a lawyer sourced by his family it is understood that a Scottish Panel lawyer Peter Keen attended Robert as his defence lawyer. Keen replaced a Michael Allen who was first nominated from the Panel. It is not know if Allen either stood down or was taken off the case. Family members received no information from the Scottish Justice Department regarding the timing of the case nor did they receive satisfactory information from Aberdeen Sheriffs Court about the exact timing of Robert's hearing. No family
members attended and it is not known if any members of the public or press were present. It appears highly unlikely that any members of the public would have been aware of the case and equally unlikely they could have attended in
time. The Robert Green case would therefore appear to have been heard within another secret Scottish Justice hearing within the very Aberdeen Court system that is itself linked to historic aspects of the Hollie Greig abuse case.

Sheriff McDonald presided over this latest case against Robert. Sources close to the case allege that McDonald was specially drafted in from Dundee as Aberdeen Sheriffs refused to be involved with the trial. The UKColum is
awaiting further information concerning the reluctance of Aberdeen Sheriffs to be involved with this high profile case.

Robert has recently released new information on his blog concerning the failure of the Scottish Legal system, together with an expose of activities and professional standing of members of the Scottish based 'Violate' S&M club, and he has consistently alleged that former Procurator Fiscal Elish
Angiolini and other key figures failed to take proper action within the Hollie Grieg case. Robert has also been highly critical of the BBC which originally examined evidence, agreed that Hollie's case was valid and serious, but then pulled a documentary on her abuse. Such action appears to
fit the BBC cover-up which has now been exposed in relation to prolific paedophile Jimmy Savile. BBC reporters also withdrew from investigations into the sexual and physical abuse of youngsters at Oxford and Cherwell Valley
College, having failed to meet victims in person and see witness statements first hand.

Sources close to the Robert Green case believe it was Robert's latest blog posts that resulted in his arrest and the searching of his family home under charges of breaching a Non-Harassment Order. It appears personal belongings
such as computers and mobile phone were taken by the police during his arrest. Computers and phones taken from Robert's Cheshire home by Scottish Police in previous raids have never been returned - contrary to the law. The
seizures denied Robert material for his defence and evidence to support his accusations of a cover-up. It now appears that the authorities are again desperate to find sufficient 'evidence' to silence Robert in his campaign to expose child abuse and the failing of the Scottish Justice system to protect

Robert can be held on remand for a maximum of 150 days.
Members of the public who are concerned at the failure of the Scottish Legal System and Scottish Police to fully investigate the Hollie Greig abuse case, and are concerned for Robert Green's treatment, safety and well-being should contact the relevant authorities. Already of great public interest, we would also encourage the public to spread details of Robert's case a widely as possible.

As always we encourage that all approaches to the relevant authorities are suitably robust in content and concerns, but also polite, calm and reasonable.

The UK Column is grateful for all and any information relating to Robert Green's case and the cover-up of child abuse within the UK.

Contact details are:

Police Scotland - +44 1786 289 070 (International callers) or 01786 289 070


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