Friday, 7 February 2014

Universal surveillance system

"The Scottish parliament is on its way to passing a law that would assign a state 'named person' to every child in Scotland until the age of 18. Not only is this an unacceptable intrusion on liberty but it could actually harm the state's ability to track genuinely at risk children like Mikaeel Kumar."

"In 2012, the SNP government undertook a consultation on their proposed Children and Young Person Bill which set out a range of ambitious proposals for children’s rights and services. This far-reaching bill passed its first reading in November 2013 and will cover children’s rights, adoption, nursery provision, child protection, child detention and a clear definition of "Corporate Parenting". Will it address the failings in the current child protection system which failed to stop the death of 3 year old Mikaeel Kular?"

"The Scottish Faculty for advocates warns the Bill has some "potentially insidious aspects". A petition has been set up warning that this Scottish parliament bill "seeks to establish a universal surveillance system in respect of every child and associated adult in Scotland"

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