Monday, 10 February 2014

Loving mother spied on by teachers

"A loving mother was spied on by teachers and accused of making up her child’s autism after she demanded more help in the classroom. Jenny Lockley was suspected of having Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) – in which sufferers fabricate illness in a child to draw attention to themselves – because she insisted her son Sam had needed support."
Nursery school teachers dismissed three diagnoses of autism, one by a world-renowned doctor, and put the 39-year-old through an experience she described as a ‘witch hunt’.
Mrs Lockley is just one of dozens of parents of autistic children who have contacted The Mail on Sunday saying teachers or social workers have accused them of fabricating their offspring’s disorder.
This is despite statistics showing there are only about 64 cases a year in Britain of MSBP, while one in 100 children are thought to be autistic.
It is also despite the fact that the label MSBP has been discredited but has still been used to cover-up vaccine damage.

"The story of what happened to the UK professional Lisa Blakemore-Brown when she voiced her concerns about vaccines, has all the intrigue and drama associated with an Agatha Christie crime novel. The sad reality is that this has not been written as a work of fiction but to expose the horrific facts surrounding her case and the efforts made to cover up vaccine damage in children."

"Her case began when a number of unsubstantiated complaints arrived at the offices of the British Psychological Society attacking the professionalism of the leading educational psychologist and expert in autism Ms. Lisa Blakemore-Brown. Instead of backing their psychologist as one would expect, the BPS backed the complainants and accused Ms Blakemore-Brown of being paranoid. On each occasion she won her case, one complaint turning out to be based on a forged document and the final complaint being lodged by a support group heavily funded by a drugs company. Despite her spectacular wins however, she not only lost her home but she has had her career totally sabotaged."

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