Saturday, 30 November 2013

Parents written out of the report

Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) have welcomed the Office of the Children’s Commissioner’s Final Report “If only someone had listened” on their Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups.
But Pace have some concerns:  
... although the report highlights the essential need to listen to the ‘Voice of the Child’ and the ‘Voice of the Professional’, the ‘Voice of the Parent’, the ‘Voice of the Siblings’ and the ‘Voice of the Families’ also affected by child sexual exploitation have not been acknowledged and are barely an audible whisper in the report.
Last week, a major YouGov Report, Are parents in the picture? Professional and parental perspectives of child sexual exploitation’ highlighted that police officers, social workers and teachers consider the two most effective ways of preventing cases of CSE to be providing parental support and information and educating children in secondary school. 
The YouGov Report gave evidence that parents appear to have fallen into a safeguarding black-hole with statutory agencies side-lining their role in both preventing CSE and in being part of the picture in safeguarding their child if they are being sexually exploited. It is most worrying that the new OCC Report is pushing parents and families further into the safeguarding shadows despite national research showing this will undermine society’s ability to protect children.  Read More

Referring to the YouGov Report and speaking on Channel 4 News, Fleur Strong, of Pace said "There is still, within society, a feeling that the parents must have done something wrong." Read More

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