Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ofsted getting to grips with 2 year olds


An article in the  Telegraph reports that:
Children as young as two should be enrolled at school in an attempt to raise “dire” standards of early education among large numbers of infants, according to chairman of Ofsted.
Early exposure to formal education is needed to eradicate the 19-month achievement gap seen between rich and poor pupils by the age of five, it is claimed.
Baroness Morgan said that many deprived children had “low social skills”, poor standards of reading and an inability to communicate properly, meaning they were “not ready to learn” when they entered the first full year of school.
How about tackling the deprivation instead, Baroness Morgan? And is formal education really appropriate for a two year old child?

The former chairperson of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), Zenna Atkins is known to have said to the BBC that  "It is not `an absolute disaster` if schools contain bad teachers ... "


I think that would be a disaster, especially for a two year old.

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