Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lessons Learned from Jimmy Savile Case?

Tucked inside the Children`s Commissioner`s report if only someone had listened there is this paragraph: 
It is important to create the conditions at school, at home and in wider society in which everyone is alert to the signs that a child or young person may be at risk or is a victim of CSE [child sexual exploitation] and that there is a climate of belief and respect for them that gives them the confidence to tell a trusted person about their experience. This is illustrated by the Jimmy Savile revelations, which resulted in people opening up and knowing they would be believed, having kept their experiences of abuse secret for decades.
Is it not more likely that allegations were only allowed to surface after Jimmy Savile was dead because of the vast network of powerful people he might have dragged down with him had he been subject to an investigation when he was alive? 

For a compilation of some of the allegations, connections and alleged cover-ups see

Is the Office of the Children`s Commissioner just being naive here?
I doubt it.

According to John Hemmings MP children are allowed to just disappear from the care system without a trace: See his weblog

Then we have Jack Straw and the gagging orders which make it impossible for families or children to speak out even if the children have been abused in care. See No2abuse. If the Children`s Commissioner is serious about listening to children, surely there should be no gagging orders and better records for children in care.

Then we are reminded of Eric Pickles who shouted at a survivor of alleged child abuse that she should `adjust her medication`. HERE
She claimed she had been trying to get him to listen to her for the past sixteen years.

It has never been easy for abuse survivors from the care system, or those abused by establishment figures, to get attention and it looks like there is still a lot of work to do to stop the cover-ups.

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