Thursday, 4 July 2019

Permanent exclusion for pupil who disagrees with school policy on gender

"A teenager who went viral after arguing with his teacher that there are only two genders will not be allowed to return to the school where he filmed the confrontation."

"The unnamed 17-year-old secretly filmed the moment he was reprimanded by a teacher at Mearns Academy in Aberdeenshire, who said his view on gender was not in line with school policy..."

"The boy has claimed staff told him not to return to the school in the wake of the incident...."

"In the interview, the boy said the issue first came up in class when they had been asked to sign up for a website and the teacher pointed out there were only two gender options...."

"During a meeting with Murray and his mum he said the school `emphasised that I wasn`t getting into trouble for what I said but for recording a teacher`, which is fair enough because it`s a known rule not to record your teacher...."

"He said they later extended the suspension by another two weeks and told him he could return after the summer break..."

"`We got called back in for another meeting and they said after having lots of talks with people higher up they said it`s not ok for me to finish my education at that school effectively and they told me there`s no chance I can return,` he said."

"An Aberdeenshire council spokesperson said Murray was not permanently excluded from the school, but that he had reached the end of his time in compulsory education."

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