Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Anti-terrorism legislation to be used against anti-vaxxers


"Britain must tackle killer health threats from abroad in the same way it handles terrorism, because deadly infections know no borders, the government’s chief medical officer has said."

"In her final report before stepping down to become the first female Master of Trinity College Cambridge, Dame Sally Davies said the UK must adopt a similar approach to global health as [it] does with its counter-terrorism (CONTEST) strategy."

"The strategy brings together intelligence organisations from across the world to ‘prevent, pursue, protect and prepare’ for a terrorist attack and ensures countries act swiftly together in the event of an atrocity."

"Dame Sally said Britain must adopt a similar approach to stop pandemics..."

[UK Column News 24 July 2019]

"More good news because Dame Sally Davies has released her final ever annual report of the Chief Medical Officer because, of course, she`s leaving that role in the not-too-distant future. And in her final report she has outlined, apparently, the UK`s leading role in global health and highlights the need to share international knowledge and experience. So this is good stuff."

"It`s clear, apparently, by `focusing purely on domestic health we risk failing to control the shifting tide of global threats, diseases and their determinants`..."

"Computer software used to prevent people joining ISIS and the KKK could be aimed at anti-vaxxers to stop them spreading dangerous myths online."

"Fantastic article. Well worth reading. It`s the subtlety of the whole thing. So it says here: `Anti-terror computer software could be used to target people spreading lies about vaccines. The program, which finds at-risk people through their online searches and facebook posts, is being adapted to help to stop the spread of anti-vaccination myths. It works by finding those who are reading or watching dangerous content and instead shows them adverts to get help or sending them direct messages. People reading anti-vaxx conspiracy theories could instead see pop-ups with reliable information about immunisation or offered counselling`."

"It finds at-risk people. So we`ve got an algorithm that`s going to troll through what you`re doing and looking at, and decide if you`re at-risk. That`s a huge threat to civil liberties in my opinion. And then it`s going to decide - Is it AI deciding this or a person? I suspect it might be AI - whether we`re watching dangerous content and if it decides that we`re watching dangerous content about vaccinations then it`s going to - what was that expression? - Offer counselling."

Mike Robinson. "Yes. So just so that everybody understands what that means: it is that every communication between your web browser and the web server that you`re going to look at is going to be assessed, analysed; it`s going to be, in fact, changed in transit. So what we`re effectively seeing here is the government operating a man-in-the-middle attack ... between you and the third party that you`re looking at, with a view to changing your mind. About what? - about the stuff you`re reading? This is worse than China."

Brian Gerrish. "Worse than China because, of course, it`s all done by deceit whereas at least we know there`s a communist government in China."

"But thanks to the Daily Mail for putting up this graphic because it says `A report by... the Wellcome Trust estimated the percentage of people worldwide who believe vaccines are safe. `People living in Europe have the lowest level of faith in immunisations whilst those in the east of Africa and South Asia are most likely to believe they work`."

"Now that`s quite an interesting spread of opinion there; but they go on to say that common anti-vaxx theories include that `the jabs don`t work, or give people the disease they`re supposed to protect against, that the drugs contain dangerous heavy metals or even that one of them is linked to autism. All are regularly debunked and vaccines have been proven to be safe over decades and saved millions of lives`."

"Nothing to back this claim up, of course. `Tackling the spread of these myths which is sped up by social media is becoming an increasing priority of the government in the UK`."

"So there you are. If you start to question and research the dangers of vaccines you`re going to be picked up by ... anti-terrorism legislation. But they`re going to offer you counselling at some stage. So presumably you`re going to end up in the psychiatric gulag, trying some of these injections, if you dare question it."

Mike Robinson nods

"Brilliant system isn`t it?"

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