Saturday, 6 October 2018

The transgender agenda: a political phenomenon?

Stuart Waiton
"THE tragedy of 21st century liberation movements is seen most clearly in the issue of transgender equality. This is a strange ‘movement’, not only, as some might think, because it appears to ask for something that is biologically impossible. But because whereas past struggles for equality have faced the wrath of the powerful, the trans issue is not only being supported by state institutions it appears to be being pushed by them..."

"Some of these issues are certainly open to debate and scrutiny but this is part of the problem; when it comes to the trans issue there appears to be no scope for dissent or debate. "

"This issue has taken on importance not because of the choices being made by a small number of adults but because in the last ten years the number of adolescent girls wanting to transition has increased by over 4000%."

"Some argue that this is progress, that there has always been this desire, and that we now have a tolerant elite who are allowing teenagers to find their true selves. But this viewpoint is highly questionable. Rather than believing that this is a natural development, something that is intrinsic to a person and a matter of individual choice we need to recognise that this is a cultural and political phenomena."

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