Thursday, 25 October 2018

Scottish child abuse inquiry investigates Quarriers

"The [Scottish child abuse] inquiry will hear allegations of abuse at Quarriers’ Bridge of Weir home, which was set up by Victorian philanthropist William Quarrier."

"The former children’s institution has the most abuse convictions out of any Scottish home."

"Seven people, including Porteous, have been convicted of abusing 23 children at the home."

"David, born in Glasgow, ended up in care along with his sister Irene when his mother suffered a breakdown. He said: `Despite Quarriers having the highest number of convicted carers, the charity has done everything in its power to ensure victims have been denied justice and reparation for what we endured, using time-bar to refuse claims`." 

"`To this day, some won’t realise what evil went on at Quarriers`."

"Porteous refused to accept responsibility for what he did but so have others."

"He used a change in the law to have his sentence shortened, but has never appealed his conviction or taken part in paedophile programmes in prison."

"A BBC Scotland programme, Secrets Or Lies, which questioned the guilt of Porteous, was later criticised by the corporation’s standards watchdogs."

"They said the programme makers had made `serious errors of judgment`, adding that it was unbalanced and so-called new evidence had not been properly researched`..."

"It is hard to understand why the inquiry sought to give convicted paedophiles a voice..."

"Porteous is not the first convicted sex offender to be asked to appear at the SCAI."

"Earlier this year we revealed how former priest Bernard Traynor, 65, has been called to give his testimony after allegations about him were made to the inquiry by former residents at Smyllum Park in Lanark."

"The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry said: `It is vital that the inquiry hears evidence from anyone who has important and relevant information, including survivors and those who worked for the institutions under investigation`..."


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