Sunday, 4 June 2017

Suspect was known to anti-terror police

"One of the three jihadists who [allegedly] murdered revellers in central London on Saturday had been reported to the anti-terror police on at least two occasions, it has been claimed."

"A former friend of the terrorist, who was shot dead by police along with two accomplices, claimed he had been radicalised while watching YouTube videos and said he contacted the authorities after becoming concerned over his friend`s extremist views. A neighbour also claimed she had contacted police in Barking, east London after the suspect tried to convert her children to Islam and radicalise them."

"The man is not being named at the request of the police. The former friend claimed he contacted police after comments the man made about other previous attacks. But he said the authorities had failed to act and take action despite evidence of increasingly extremist views."

The Prevent strategy does not seem to be working !

The BBC asks: What do the manifestos say?

"The Conservative manifesto does not specifically mention Prevent. It does, however, say: `We will continue to invest in our world-leading security services and maintain and develop our counter-terrorism strategy to protect us from terrorism at home and abroad`."

"Labour's manifesto pledges to review the Prevent programme with a view to assessing both its effectiveness and its potential to alienate minority communities. It says: `In doing so, we will address the government's failure to take any effective new measures against a growing problem of extreme or violent radicalisation`."

One theory for the outbreak of radicalism that is definitely not welcome to Tory ministers is any connection between extremism and foreign arms deals.

In the clip below Amber Rudd can be clearly seen passing a note to the chairman at the hustings encouraging him to stop the speech of the independent candidate who is linking the Manchester bombing to Tory support for arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

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