Sunday, 18 December 2016

Who betrayed Anne Frank?

"Anne Frank whose diary and death brought home the horrors of the Holocaust across the world could have been found by chance and not because she was betrayed by anti-Semites collaborating with Nazis."

"Many people have been identified as possible betrayers of the Frank family, including Tonny Ahlers, who was well known for being involved in many fights in Jewish-owned cafes."

"Now the Anne Frank House museum in the Netherlands believes that the Frank family's hiding place was searched over ration fraud. According to new research, police who discovered the secret annexe behind a movable bookcase may not have been on the lookout for the Jewish family living there."

"These researchers have been asking the question: `Why did the raid on the Secret Annexe take place, and on what information was it based?` rather than `Who betrayed Anne Frank?` The new study has looked into possible reasons for the search being illegal employment and ration-coupon fraud."

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