Monday, 4 July 2016

Susan O`Brien QC resigns from Scottish child abuse inquiry

Shocking news: Another panel member from the Scottish child abuse inquiry has resigned with allegations that the Scottish government has attempted to micro-manage the inquiry. That leaves only one of the three original panel members in place.

"The chairwoman of the Scottish government's child abuse inquiry, Susan O'Brien QC, has resigned after facing the sack over `unacceptable` comments."

"Deputy First Minister John Swinney said he had accepted Ms O'Brien's resignation after starting the formal procedure to remove her from her post."

"The move comes less than a week after psychology professor Michael Lamb resigned from the panel of experts."

"Both he and Ms O'Brien complained of government interference in the probe."

"In her resignation letter, the chairwoman said the government had `sought to micro-manage and control the inquiry`, and had `undermined` her and threatened to sack her when she resisted."

"Mr Swinney said Ms O'Brien had `revealed views` which child abuse trauma experts had judged to `indicate a belief system that is incompatible with the post of chair of such an inquiry`."

"Ms O'Brien did not contest that she made the comments, but maintained they were `acceptable in the context in which they were made`."


  1. Now we know why Subro looked so nervous when she was annonced as the Chair of the Scottish Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry?

    Turns out that the whole sham was being micro-managed by The State?