Monday, 4 July 2016

Centralised database being secretly created

"The UK Home Office is secretly creating a centralised database on the good folk of Britain without presenting the capability increases to the public or subjecting them to Parliamentary scrutiny."

"The Register can reveal the project, which was described as simply a `replatforming` of the department's aging IT infrastructure, has already begun to roll out, with the `first wave` of changes being delivered in what it is calling the Technology Platforms for Tomorrow (TPT) programme."

"TPT will lay the foundations for this mega database by ushering in `core infrastructure, compute platforms and Live Service capability` changes, primarily using Hadoop, the open source software framework for centralising databases and allowing batch queries and analyses to be run across them in bulk."

"While this data on the population is currently stored in `siloed` and disparate databases, connecting it could make it possible to automatically follow individuals' records across all of the Home Office's many directorates, from the two years' worth of car journeys logged in the ANPR data centre, to the passports database, the police databases, and many others."

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