Saturday, 28 May 2016

Seven year old still faces deportation

"George Osborne has been accused of giving a `shameful` response to the situation of a seven-year old boy who faces being deported from the Highlands with his family."

"The Chancellor was confronted with the case of Gaelic-speaker Lachlan Brain, who came to Scotland with his Australian family as part of a government scheme yet is set to be thrown out of the country next week."

"Stepping in for David Cameron at Prime Minister`s Questions, the Chancellor appeared to dismiss the Brain family`s situation and instead suggested the SNP should do more themselves to create `an entrepreneurial Scotland where people want to move to from the rest of the United Kingdom`."


"Mr Osborne seemed to know nothing about the case, the SNP`s Westminster leader Angus Robertson said, despite it receiving `wall-to-wall` coverage in Scotland."

"And a spokesperson for the SNP told The Independent it was `dire` for the Prime Minister`s stand-in to wash his hands of the situation by raising Scotland`s fiscal autonomy."

"Carol Monaghan, the SNP member for Glasgow North West, accused the Home Secretary Theresa May of `smirking away` as the Brain family case was raised, describing what she saw in the Commons as `disgusting`."

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