Friday, 1 April 2016

Midwife terrifies patient in Ayrshire hospital

"A MIDWIFE has been struck off after calling a patient `stupid` and leaving her `absolutely terrified` "

"Anne Renwick Facchini was struck off this week after three mothers made complaints about being in her care while she was employed as a staff midwife at Crosshouse Hospitals Ayrshire Maternity Unit."

"Facchini, 61, retired in 2013 after the complaints came to light and on Tuesday the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) upheld two of the three women's complaints against her and determined that her `fitness to practice was impaired as a result of misconduct.`"

"The NMU heard evidence from 'Patient C' who had come into Facchini's care between March 2 and 3, 2013. The woman said Facchini had broken her waters without her consent causing her pain and discomfort and then failed to administer appropriate pain relief, on March 4, then administered morphine without consent."

"The hearing was also told that Patient C had alleged that `Mrs Facchini asked her partner to set up the gas and air and fix up the bed and insert a cannula into Patient Cs hand. Patient C said that Mrs Facchini was unable to work the monitoring belt of the fetal monitoring machine and therefore could not get an accurate trace of her babys heartbeat. Patient C said that Mrs Facchini referred to her partner as `doctor` and wanted him to assist in everything she did. Patient C said that her partner is a car salesman with no medical background."

"According to the same woman, Facchini was also `abusive` throughout her labour, failed to discuss her birth plan and did not keep her informed. "

"Facchini, who has been a registered midwife for 27 years and a registered nurse for 29 years, was suspended from duty in September 2013 after the allegations came to light. She retired shortly afterwards. "

In August, the midwife will be the Named Person for the child from pre-birth to ten days after birth.

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