Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cluedo is being used to train social workers how to gather information about families

Mike Mawby talks about the GIRFEC practice model and is the man behind the Cluedo training exercise for practitioners.

From the Scottish Mail on Sunday 10 April 2016:

"In so-called GIRFEC Cluedo, the facilitator of the training exercise plays `Jayne`, a fictional single mother with a daughter called `Melody.` "

"Groups of social worker participants are invited to play the role of other characters - figures involved in Jayne and Melody`s lives. The aim is to stimulate discussion about exactly who should be reporting what information to Melody`s Named Person..."

"Last night [9 April], critics warned that the revelations show the Named Person scheme is being taken to new levels of intrusion. Even a Nationalist MSP who has taken part in the game acknowledged it would lead to breaches of privacy for quite a lot of families."

"Simon Calvert, spokesman for the No to Named Person (NO2NP) campaign group which is spearheading a legal campaign against the project through the courts, said yesterday `If this is the type of situation that will be placed under the microscope then what family is safe?` "

"Every parent`s blood should run cold that a scenario like this is even the subject of a Named Person exercise."

"Right-thinking people will see that the mother and her daughter in this case study should just be left alone. "

Note: Home Ed Forums revealed the hijacking of this popular family game about a month ago:

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  1. At least thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on the Named Person scheme, this sort of stuff should have been thrown out the window!