Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Whistleblower is sectioned in order to silence her

Whistleblower Carol Woods is a qualified teacher and an experienced social worker who has been harassed by Lancashire Police and Lancashire County Council.

"The situation arose after the unlawful eviction of residents of two children's homes by Lancashire County Council, who wanted to sell the land for use as a Casino. The process they followed was unlawful. Carol objected because some children would be made homeless as a result. Carol warned Lancashire County Council and they ignored her. The Council was more concerned with money than children. The murder of Shelia Bridges is, in fact, Corporate Manslaughter, and Lancashire County Council social services needs to be brought to book for it."

"Carol has been unlawfully and fraudulently sectioned and incarcerated in a mental institution by Lancashire Police, in order to silence her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her mental health. Urgent intervention is required and a public inquiry into the deep corruption in Lancashire."

Here is the interview on Freedom Talk Radio.

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