Sunday, 6 September 2015

UK Column News Friday 04.09.15

UK Column News 4 September 2015 with Mike West from Bastion Radio and David Scott from North of the border.

Topics covered include:

The destabilisation of the Middle East that has caused floods of immigrants to flee across Europe.

The No to Named Person campaign which will be taking the case to the UK Supreme Court.

[To add to the discussion: Former top Scottish judge, Lord Brian Gill who retired suddenly in May 2015, after opposing a parliamentary petition for a register of interests for the judiciary, has been appointed to the supplementary panel of judges of the UK Supreme Court.]

Melanie Shaw to be evicted from her home on 16 September 2015. UK Column failed to get a positive response from Judge Goddard whose Terms of Reference include a promise to support child abuse victims.

See a copy of letter at link below:

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