Friday, 11 September 2015

Dolphin Square witness betrayed by police

"Police are accused of the `betrayal` of a witness who alleges abuse by VIP paedophiles after a detective referred his baby son to social services."

"According to the witness, known as `Darren` to protect his identity, a detective from Suffolk Constabulary told him that he had made the referral because survivors of child sex abuse (CSA) are more likely to be paedophiles themselves."

"A police source corroborated Darren`s claim, saying that the officer told him: `Statistics show that a large number of survivors of abuse do go on to be abusers.` "

"Darren called it a `betrayal of trust`. He has withdrawn cooperation with Suffolk police, who were investigating his allegations under `Operation Millpond`..."

"Graham Wilmer, co-founder of the Lantern Project, a charity for abuse survivors, has been providing support to Darren and was outraged by the police move."

"He told Exaro: `What that policeman said is inexcusable. It is completely wrong, not only in principle, but research carried out in child sexual abuse does not support it. Also, it is dangerous because it will deter victims from coming forward.` "

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