Friday, 14 August 2015

Ban Ki-moon calls on young people to join forces with the United Nations

"Youth movements and student groups are challenging traditional power structures and advocating a new social contract between States and societies."

At least Ban Ki-moon got that right.

"In a snub to the government, youth organisers preparing today’s commemoration of International Youth Day refused to invite anyone from the government to address the festivities."

"Organisers said the move was a response to the violent police crackdown on students protesting against the National Education Law. Hundreds of young activists are still behind bars awaiting trial, despite international criticism of the government’s action."

“Our student movement will not cooperate with the government. The government and the hluttaw ignored students’ requests on the National Education Law … and broken their promises,” said Ko Aung Nay Paing from the Union of Burma Federation of Student Unions, who is also one of the event’s organisers. "

“If they want to restore the relationship between students and the government, they will release arrested students and initiate more reforms to the education law,” he said.

Ko Lin Htet Naing said, “It’s also important to know who will draw up the university charters. If this is done by a commission formed by the government or the hluttaw, it will not be properly free.”

He said that despite an agreement reached at government-student “four-party” talks, the essence of the law remained unchanged. “If this law stands, our country will still have the reputation that its graduates are uneducated,” he said.

{Myanmar Times [Myanmar used to be called Burma] }

Ban Ki-moon said that this year governments would adopt a new global agenda for sustainable development and a new agreement for climate change. He urged youth to join together for peace, justice, human rights and dignity.

There is no sign of peace or human rights or dignity for the world, just yet...but there will be a new set of goals for sustainability...

For a criticism of the post 2015 agenda,


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