Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mixed Messages

Too many judges are putting out the wrong message when dealing with the perpetrators of child abuse.  `I don`t criticise you for being a teacher who`s attracted to children` said Judge Mary Jane Mowatt who allowed a 63 year old to walk free. Then there are cases where the police are reluctant to charge offenders. We have also had inquiries such as the Jillings report which failed to provide a full and honest report of the physical and sexual abuse of children in care homes. There have been the scandals covered up by the BBC. To say that child abuse, particularly paedophilia, is not being taken seriously by some members of the establishment, even by those who say that they are, is an understatement of enormous proportions.

By way of contrast there is another article in the Telegraph which reports on a project to identify youngsters at risk of growing into future extremists! We are told that `More than a hundred children aged under 12, including a three-year-old, have been identified as future extremists or at risk of radicalisation.`

We are informed that `Police leaders last night said the project, which has been gradually rolled out nationally, is now recognised as a vital tool in protecting communities.`

These children by way of pseudo-scientific crank theories are being accused of something which has not happened. The company `Channel` claims to have expertise and wrap around support,  but don`t they all?  Where`s the common sense?  To plot a child`s future out in this way, THIS is child abuse. Meanwhile the actual perpetrators of the abuse of children walk free.


From an article in the Telegraph

5:21PM BST 29 Jul 2011

David Armstrong, a supply teacher, escaped jail with a suspended sentence after admitting possessing 4,500 indecent images of children.
As she allowed the 63-year-old to walk free from court, Judge Mary Jane Mowat told him: “I don't criticise you for being a teacher who's attracted to children.
“Many teachers are but they keep their urges under control both when it comes to children and when it comes to images of children."
Child abuse campaigners yesterday described the comments as “outrageous” and an insult to victims.
Teachers also attacked the remarks, saying they cast a shadow over their profession and sent the wrong message to child sex offenders.
Peter Bradley, deputy director of the children’s charity Kidscape, said: “Children who have been sexually abused would be horrified to read this judges remarks.
“Schools are not places where those attracted to children can work – schools are there to provide learning in a safe environment where children know the people who look after them can be trusted and relied upon.
“This teacher should not have been in the profession and it is outrageous for the judge to say many teachers are sexually attracted to children.
“The message needs to be clear – if you are sexually attracted to children then you don't work with them.”

 Another article from the Telegraph

Judge asks why paedophile was let off with a 'slap on the wrist' by police

A judge has demanded an inquiry into an “inexplicable” decision to let a paedophile off with a caution.

Jones received a caution in April 2011 for 14 offences Photo: Getty Images

Judge Keith Thomas ordered the Crown Prosecution Service to review why Robert Jones, 24, was never charged after admitting a series of sex offences, including grooming a 14 year-old girl.
Jones only came to the court’s attention because he breached the terms of his original “slap on the wrist” and was finally prosecuted two years later.
It was revealed at Swansea Crown Court that Jones received a caution in April 2011 for 14 offences, including making indecent photographs, arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence and meeting the teenager after sexual grooming.
Judge Thomas said: “I find this inexplicable. I want to know why serious offences had been dealt with in such a way.”
Jones, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, was later arrested after police visited his home to carry out an unannounced check of his computer. 
They discovered he had been engaging in sexually explicit “chat” on the internet and found 10 indecent images, including some involving children.
Catherine Richards, for Jones, said her client had complex needs and recognised he needed help.
Judge Thomas sentenced Jones, of Ammanford, South Wales, to a three-year community order after he admitted possessing the illegal images.
The defendant had restrictions placed on his computer use and will be required to sign the sex offenders’ register for five years.
The judge asked Ieuan Rees, the prosecuting barrister, to provide an explanation within seven days about the circumstances of the original caution.
A Dyfed-Powys Police spokeswoman refused to comment. A spokesman for the CPS said it was investigating.

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  1. See `Injustice` on Needleblog 8 August 2013.
    The extract is taken from Baby X (2010) written by Harry Keeble, a
    policeman on one of London`s child protection teams. He makes the point that being lenient with paedophiles does not work because they are known to repeatedly offend, and gives examples.