Thursday, 25 April 2019

Statistics show increase in missing children from care

It looks like Ann Coffey MP wants the opportunity to produce yet another report despite the situation deteriorating year on year.

"MPs are to launch an inquiry into the record number of children missing from care in England."

"Ann Coffey, who heads the all-parliamentary group for runaway and missing children and adults, is to invite those working in this area to give their views about the risks faced by children who go missing after being sent miles away from their homes for care."

"Coffey also wants to explore how many of these children are then lured into drug gangs as part of the so-called county lines phenomenon."

"Data obtained through a parliamentary question by the MP shows an increase of 1,000 children going missing from care homes since 2015, after being moved to new areas often miles from their homes, known as an `out of area placement`."

When will it dawn on her that she has all the information she needs and that it is action that is required to prevent further abuse? For example, around care homes, paedophile groups often ensnare vulnerable children with drugs but the police, social workers and others turn a blind eye. Breaking the bond between children and their families increases their vulnerability.

Given Ann Coffey`s background she must be aware of these links, surely.


"Elected in 1992, Ann Coffey is the Member of Parliament for Stockport. Before she was elected she worked with children and families as a senior social worker."

"She is the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway and Missing Children and Adults which produced a report in 2012 into children missing from care and the link betwen missing and child sexual exploitation. The APPG produced a further report in 2016 into Safeguarding of Absent Children."

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