Friday, 15 March 2019

Knife crime on the increase

"Defence secretary Gavin Williamson says military `ready to respond` to knife crime crisis," Brian Gerrish reads on UK Column News, Friday 8 March 2019.

"So we can`t get ships to sea; we can`t respond to Russian ships off the Scottish coast but now the military are going to deal with knife crime that, of course,.... has been allowed to fester and increase due to a British government policy to enable it to do just that."

"But it gets worse. Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, had said she would be willing to bring in troops to support her officers, as they battle a spate of stabbings."

"So how is she going to do that? Are we going to have military patrols on the London streets or are we going to put troops on the underground? It`s very difficult to know particularly as we haven`t got enough troops to defend the country. But I`m sure Cressida, as a Common Purpose future leader, will be able to sort that out quite quickly."  

"Now back to the state of the nation and Mike yesterday you gave a very good breakdown of what had been taking place in Westminster with intelligence analyst Chris Donnelly from the Institute of Statecraft explaining the dangers of Russian expertise in the game `GO` at the Westminster Defence Committee hearing."

"This is a real picture; we haven`t created this in the UK Column; this is Westminster TV showing Chris Donnelly explaining the game `GO` to the Westminster Defence Committee because he says the Russians are very good at it."

"Well we`ve got a UK Column exclusive and that is that there`s been a response from Gavin Williamson."

"So Gavin Williamson is taking GO very seriously and those board games are going to go."

"Well that is the humour, pretty black. Let`s get into the reality of what Gavin Williamson and secretary of state are up to. Here`s a little bit more about Christ Donelly."

"As a graduate of Manchester University and reserve officer in the British Army intelligence Corps, Chris Donnelly helped to establish, and later headed, the British Army`s Soviet Studies Research Centre at RMA Sandhurst. Between 1989-2003, as Special Adviser to four NATO Secretaries General, he was closely involved in dealing with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the reform of the newly emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe. He left NATO in 2003 to set up and run the UK Defence Academy`s Advanced Research and Assessment Group. In 2010 he because co-Director of the Institute for Statecraft dealing with new security threats and responses - specifically, new forms of conflict and warfare and how to transform institutions so that they are fit for today`s rapidly changing security environment."

"Christ Donnelly has written three books as well as many articles on questions of defence, security, strategy and statecraft. He has held appointments as specialist Adviser to three UK Defence Secretaries (both Labour and Conservative) and was a member of PM Thatcher`s Soviet advisory team. He has also served as Specialist Adviser on the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee and currently serves in this role on the Defence Committee. He also is adviser to the Foreign Minister of Lithuania; is a Security and Justice Senior Mentor in the UK`s Stabilisation Unit; is Trustee of the London-based charities Active Change Foundation and Forward Thinking; serves as Honorary Colonel, SGMI; and sits on the official team responsible for scrutinising the current reform of the UK`s Reserve Forces for the Defence Secretary."
"And one of the things that we got interested in was that he was previously a trustee of the London based charity Active Change Foundation. He`s also involved in another one called Forward Thinking."

"Let`s have a look at Active Change. Here`s the funders, donors and partners and interestingly we see Institute for Statecraft there. We`ve got a lot of interesting people. We`ve got Boots involved and Barclays, a lot of local councils, Islington; we`ve got  the MET police somewhere there, all working to prevent violent crime and extremism." 

"Well we were fascinated to have a look at their team. Here`s Chris Donnelly, not quite as young as the photo there. But we also picked up on this gentleman, the chief executive of this charity and why were we interested in this man? Well let`s see what they say about this man. They say `A former foreign fighter himself, Hanif once joined Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan, but was deterred by the crimes he saw being committed against civilians and turned his back on them. Upon his return to the UK, he vowed to safeguard young men and women from similar experiences, losing their lives and harming their communities."

 "So we`ve got an Al Qaeda terrorist simply decides he`s going to come back into Britain and help teach the UK government how to stop violent crime. But we`ve just heard that violent crime, including knife crime, is on the increase. Is there any connection? I mean, who knows?" 

"But here we`ve got a terrorist, an Al Qaeda terrorist, coming back into the country and we`d like to ask the question: How does this happen? Let`s remember this young lady Shamima Begum - there`s a huge furore, that a teenager clearly went off the rails. We don`t know whether we can allow her back in because she`s been associating with ISIS."

"Sajid Javid has this to say: `My message is clear. If you have supported terrorist organisations abroad I will not hesitate to prevent your return..."

"So we`ve got a rather strange situation where a young girl who we can say, yes, she`s been involved with terrorists and she wants to come back in the country but we don`t really want her.  But we`ve got this gentleman who was an Al Qaeda terrorist who is freely operating and he seems to be operating alongside another man, supposedly advising the government about how to deal with terrorism, hybrid warfare and of course dangerous board games like GO."


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