Sunday, 3 February 2019

Establishment corruption

John Wedger - Police WHISTLE-BLOWER on CHILD ABUSE in UK [AV9]

"I am a retired Police Detective who specialised in child abuse investigations. Whilst serving on Scotland Yard's Vice squad I uncovered a well organised and established child prostitution network involving children aged 9-14 years, all of which were subject to care orders. I disclosed the sheer extent of this vile criminality and those involved. I was then threatened and bullied in an attempt to silence me. I made an allegation of corruption against a senior police officer for the cover up and as a result I endured an horrendous campaign of bullying. I nearly lost my home, job, liberty and placement of my children for my efforts as a whistle-blower."

"I now work with victims and survivors in order to help them gain the justice they deserve as well as campaigning with other whistle-blowers to change the law to give us the adequate protection we deserve."

"I served for 25 years in the Metropolitan Police. I also brought up four children alone. I have gained international, national and local recognition for my role as a whistle-blower. I now work with anti child abuse campaigners , victims/ survivors of abuse and police whistle-blowers."


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