Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The whereabouts of Melanie Shaw is still a mystery

Robert Green reporting on the Melanie Shaw court case, 5 September 2018:

"As expected, Melanie was not present at the latest hearing at Leeds Crown Court today."

"As you will be aware, I have issued two formal complaints about Judge Phillips, who officiated on 7th August. The grounds on which the complaint was made were based on what appeared to be his failure to apply due diligence towards the welfare and safety of the defendant."

"When Melanie appeared that day, in a clearly distressed and incoherent state, after being passed fit to plead just five days earlier by court appointed psychiatrist Professor Jennifer Shaw, the judge should have immediately called for an appropriate medical professional to physically examine Melanie to ascertain whether drugs had been unlawfully administered to her before her appearance or if the medication she needs had been withheld from her."

"His failure also led to the possibility of her being placed back into the hands of the very people who may have committed a criminal act against her. The complaints against the judge are ongoing."

"Today, Judge Phillips was replaced by Judge Neil Clark."

"I have no concern whatsoever about Judge Clark`s conduct. Although the requirements placed upon him were far from exacting, he seemed fair and understanding, stating only that no realistic decision could be made today, as Dr Quinn, currently responsible for Melanie`s welfare, had informed the judge that Melanie was unwell. The judge thought that she may need to be moved to hospital within the next few days, but there was no obvious indication, as we had feared, that any attempt to section Melanie was imminent."

"He saw no reason to change the date of the next hearing, the 4th October although he did consider the possibility, at the request of the prosecution, that an interim hearing about Melanie`s health, may take place on 28th September."

"We shall need to remain vigilant, of course, but there appeared today, at least on the surface, nothing that anything sinister was afoot."

"Around thirteen members of the public were present to observe the proceedings."

Robert Green


There have since been unconfirmed reports that Melanie Shaw has been released from prison into a psychiatric hospital.


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