Friday, 6 July 2018

Amnesty International would love to hear from you


"Why will they not support UK whistleblower Melanie Shaw, repeatedly raped and abused while in `care`, then subjected to serial incarceration, including eighteen months in solitary confinement, at the hands of the State ?"


[Robert Green]

''I have just had a conversation with Amnesty International, which states on its website `We`d love to hear from you`."

"Bearing in mind this promising invitation, I called 0207 033 1500 and after mentioning the name Melanie Shaw, was promptly transferred to a woman who gave her name as Kathy."

"I gave her my name immediately and asked if Amnesty International were taking any action to assist Melanie, given the fact that she has been persecuted by the British government for several years now and that she is currently being prevented from giving crucial eye-witness evidence to the IICSA [child abuse inquiry]"

"It was quite clear that Kathy was well aware of Melanie`s case, but told me that AI had not made any decision as yet over this case. I asked her how many years does it normally take for AI to make a decision when such a clear denial of basic human rights is the issue."

"Kathy proceeded to read out a long list of the criteria required by AI in order for a decision to be made, finally stating that it had a concern about not making a situation worse. I retorted that I did not think it possible for anyone to currently make matters worse for Melanie."

"I then asked if the British government had been granted immunity from investigation by AI. Kathy gave me a categorical assurance that this was not the case and that all countries were treated the same."

"I thanked her for such a clear statement and asked for her surname. She refused to reveal it. I then asked if she was Kathy with a 'C' or a 'K'."

"It seemed that AI didn`t really love to hear from me."

This is the website contact email of Amnesty International UK:

from facebook page Justice for Melanie Shaw

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