Sunday, 17 June 2018

Child abuse: the wider picture

UK Column News (12 June 2018) reported on an observer`s account of the police and public`s conduct at the demonstration against the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson:
`Policing effort for the size of the demonstration was very small and it is suggested this was because there was no police intel for planned violence.`
`Police mixed freely with the crowd in their normal uniforms.`  
`Black people, old people and children were mixing freely amongst the crowd.`
`The very limited violence arose around `snatch` incidents and/or with very small number of aggressive `hooligans`.

`The crowds were watched from police control CCTV centres.`
`Forward Intelligence Officers in blue were tasked with apprehending individuals considered to create trouble - they were supported by plain clothed Territorial Support Group officers amongst the crowd.`
`Arrests would need to be under Section 9 of magistrates Court Act with appropriate notes for arrest and de-arrest.`

Brian Gerrish added: "And somebody could be arrested and then de-arrested later. Possibly that happened to the gentleman who was in the video that we`ve just looked at ... And anybody who was handcuffed would be in accordance with Section 117 of the PACE."

Mike Robinson: "Well that`s where the handcuffing happens without there actually being an arrest. So Section 117 ... gives the power of limited force, I suppose..."

Bian Gerrish: "In order to restrain."

"Yes. .. Right OK."

"So a number of things going on there, but we felt it appropriate, now that a little time has gone on, we`ve had more information, to report on what seems to take place in that demonstration. And of course very little reporting in the so-called mainstream media."

"But something quite exceptional took place during the demonstration and we understand that a young lady handed out at least two thousand leaflets in which she was encouraging people to be aware of John Wedger and the excellent information he`s given about the cover-up of child abuse and, of course, that child abuse is not simply Asian child abuse, it extends to - well a full spectrum of people." 

"So this letter has come from a group calling themselves `Political Blackout`. They`re on Facebook if you want to find them. And so the leaflet highlighting John Wedger, a former Scotland Yard CID officer, as they put it, `blowing the whistle on what is going on within the police regarding child sex trafficking here in the UK`. The leaflet says: `What you`re reading is correct. Our establishment i.e the political elite are complicit with these grooming gangs. This is the reason why there`s the media blackout. It`s in order not to protect Tommy, not to protect us, not to protect the grooming gangs, but to protect them, the establishment`. And this is the key point. This is what I find particularly pleasing about this, because the target is correct here."

Brian Gerrish: "Yes absolutely. So we were very encouraged to hear this because it means that the message is now getting out that if we`re going to solve what`s going on with the grooming gangs then we`ve got to look at the establishment, the political establishment, the wider establishment, which are facilitating; they are allowing this to happen; but they`re covering it up."

"And on this very subject we received a call as we were preparing the news this morning telling us that there`s been another case in South Yorkshire of a - now we`ll say a young girl - previously an under-age girl who reported rape in a family situation. The police turned up at the door; they simply asked the older man if he did it. He said: `No` and that is the end of it. The man was not taken in for formal questioning. The police just said to him: `Well, did you rape her or not?` He said: `No of course not guv,` and the police then walked away. And the family members who are of course supporting the rape victim herself ... they actually don`t have any words, Mike, because they cannot believe how the police can do this. But of course this is exactly what was happening with the Asian grooming gangs. So we`ve got the same sort of response from the police, simply continuing."

"And we`ll add to that within the South Yorkshire police area as well we`ve got another ongoing court case that we cannot report on in detail but we can tell you the judge has refused to allow a video with evidence of child abuse to be entered into court. So we have a video which is about a child being abused; the judge has simply said: `I`m not allowing that evidence into court` and he`s then running a case where the key evidence can`t be shown in court. Now of course the guidance from the family law division is that `the interests of the child are paramount` but apparently not in this particular family law case. And of course no press, no members of the public, but the judge solving the problem of rape and child abuse by saying, `Well if I don`t see the evidence then I think we can run this court in a satisfactory way`."

"I`ll add to that, that in that particular case we`ve had connivance from the local authority, their social services, their child protection unit and Cafcass and the legal teams because they have all had copies of the video showing the abuse. So at the moment Mike we have a cover-up through all those individuals and this is the reason for people to be aware that if we focus on one area of the community we miss the root cause of the problem which is the wider political establishment closing ranks to cover up child abuse."

"And a big thank you to our viewer who sent us a copy of this very interesting letter.... This has been produced by Baroness Goldie and she was asked a question in the House of Lords, wasn`t able to answer it at the time, so she responds..."

"It says:"
 `Dear Molly, During the debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Monday 30 April, you raised a point on the subject of what enforceable child protection measures will be in place once we are no longer an EU member state...`  

`Let me reassure you that the UK meets its obligations under the UNCRC through a mixture of legislative and policy initiatives. For example, in England, the rights and best interests of children are protected through the Children Act 1989, the Adoption and Children Act 2002 and the Children Act 2004, as well as other legislative and administrative measures. If a public body is not acting in accordance with the relevant legislation they may be challenged by way of judicial review in the normal way through the courts. Existing remedies are available if a court finds that the legislation or a policy is contrary to normal public law principles or there has been a breach of the legislation.` 
`The UK`s exit from the EU will not affect the protection of children`s rights in accordance with the UNCRC as these are already protected through existing domestic legislation and administrative measures.` 
`I hope you find this letter helpful...`

"Well isn`t it astonishing Mike that we`ve just talked about just one case going on in Yorkshire at the moment where the state is absolutely not protecting children. We`ve warned, of course, about the number of children disappearing from the care system. We`ve warned about the disappearance of Syrian children but we`ve got the former leader of the conservatives in Scotland saying, `Don`t worry the British state has got it all under control`."

"And if you wonder what she was referring to well here is the document... So this is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC] and this is a summary sheet. But it`s quite interesting to have a look at what they`re talking about here. One of the things it says, I notice, article 36 top right: `Other forms of exploitation. Governments must protect children from all other forms of exploitation. For example, the exploitation of children for political activities by the media, or for medical research`. Just caught my eye that one. How interesting that the government is involved in all those things to start off with, never mind more direct abuse. What they set out very clearly is that children should be protected from abuse in all its forms. Children should be allowed to speak out. Children in care should be allowed to see their families. Children should not be tortured. Virtually every one of the major rules we can now say that the UK government is breaching those rules. But within the House of Lords clearly clueless as to what is really going on."

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