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Human Rights ?

[UK Column News 22 November 2017]

Mike Robinson does not understand why British people have forgotten 1500 years of history. "I do not understand why people have forgotten that the rights of British people are unalienable. They`re based on the notion that our rights cannot be removed and this is the problem with human rights. They start with the premise that you have no rights and this is the European model, a blank piece of paper and you start writing down what rights people have. Then of course they can be taken away. If your constitution is based on the idea that your rights are unalienable then they can`t be removed. And I do not understand why people, including many many campaigners go running off to Europe to uphold their rights when they have rights which are based on British law and British constitutional law and they should really be demanding those rather than this European model."

"Mike you say some people have forgotten about it. We`ve got the issue that many young people are not taught about it. This is not being discussed in schools. Matters of the constitution and our history around the constitution are simply wiped off the education syllabus. So many people not talking about it. And then of course we have our press and media, particularly the BBC who simply stamp out any notion that this country has a constitution and we`re led to believe particularly by the BBC that the only way to go is by these human rights."

"I`m going to follow that segment up with this story which was sent through to us. We`re going back to February of this year. This is one of the most incredible stories I think I`ve ever come across. I`m sure our viewers and listeners are going to pick up the significance of this very quickly. So the article was picked up in Community Care which is talking mainly about public sector and social work matters. And this is the article itself: "
"Three social workers who were named by a judge in an `exceptional` case which involved one of them lying on oath have been cleared of wrongdoing by the Health and Care Professions Council. (HCPC)"
"The social workers from Hampshire council - Sarah Walker-Smart, Kim Goode and Lisa Humphreys - were named by Judge Mark Horton in November 2015, after he found children had been illegally taken into care and a family`s human rights had been breached. He also found social workers had altered the report of another social worker to make it more negative and knowingly withheld evidence from the court."

"So this was all a `statement by the judge` about the actions of these particular social workers. But then we have this amazing situation:"
"In a statement to Community Care, the director of children`s services for Hampshire, Steve Crocker, said the HCPC had `vindicated` the council`s decision to back the social workers by exonerating them."

Mike Robinson: "I`m confused here Brian. These people committed a criminal act by lying in court. Is that what`s happened here ?"


"But the council has taken it upon itself to exonerate them."

"That is correct."

"It`s all fine now."

"Well it`s fine as far as these people are concerned but its not fine as far as the UK Column is concerned. Let`s follow the story through. Here`s Steve Crocker. This is what he had to say:"

"The judge agreed our applications for Care Orders. It was a very complex case, as evidenced in the findings involving very serious neglect to vulnerable children. The outcome of the court case at that time was consistent with the Local Authority`s application to the court - to safeguard very vulnerable children who were at risk of suffering significant harm as a result of neglect..."

"We are vindicated in this view by the Health and Care Professional Council`s (HCPC) findings in exonerating those social workers. The reason for publishing or not publishing their decision is a matter for the HCPC. We have no further comment to make..."

"Therefore whilst there was some criticism by the Judge determining the care orders there was no logic in appealing the outcome of the case which was made in the best interests of the children. Representations were made through other routes but we will not comment on those further ..."

"So a Judge picks up these social workers. He singles them out in a court case. That is sort of described as `comment by the Judge` and it`s overturned by Hampshire county council with the help of this professional standards body. Quite interesting isn`t it?"


"So if we have a look at this in a little bit of UK Column network form - wiring diagram form I often call it - we`ll remind ourselves: `The social workers were judged in court to have lied on oath, knowingly withheld evidence, altered reports to make them more negative .... Judge deemed children illegally taken into care and family`s human rights breached. But the court order the Hampshire county council were making went through.` This is the point."

"But this organisation - HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) was brought in and it says:"
"We can confirm we were made aware of the Court`s comments and we investigated the concerns raised through our fitness to practise process. Our legislation requires that the earlier stages of this process are dealt with as private matters; therefore we cannot make public the detail of the information we received. However, we followed our usual approach and reviewed all the information obtained, including legal advice to assess whether the concerns met our Standards of Acceptance. The concerns did not meet them which meant we did not proceed to the next stage of the process."

Mike Robinson: "Wow ! "

"Wow. Thank you. And we`ll carry on. Somebody complained and then that complaint was taken to the Professional Standards Authority and the Professional Standards Authority responsible for HCPC said this:"
"I should let you know that the authority has no powers to intervene in decisions made by the HCPC at its investigation stages. However, if we have concerns about its approach we may raise those directly with the HCPC, or consider them within our annual performance review. "

Brian Gerrish:  "Now I called both HCPC and the Professional Standards Authority this morning to get comment from them. I haven`t had comment back but we`re going to stay on the case because - how can we stress what this means?"

"Well let`s bring in this man, John Tradewell, Staffordshire Legal Services. And this is the local authority`s solicitor who said this in relation to new powers for local authorities:"

"The importance of these words is actually much more fundamental. The words themselves speak of a local government with real power and capacity. A local authority has power to do anything. Those are the words that everyone will hear and understand. Lawyers may read on into the detail but not many others will go further than these words ... They give us a new definition of the nature of a local authority... " [Source: Association of Council Secretaries and Solicitors. Re: `General Power of Competence`.]

"We are now seeing a local authority which is Hampshire simply saying: `Well we don`t care what the Judge said in court. We`re going to overturn it and exonerate the people`."

"We`re in a lawless state Mike."


"And let`s complete the circle by bringing on this couple Paul & Asha. Paul and Asha had their children taken but it was UK Column that put out the horrific video of their baby being snatched out of mother`s arms by social workers. I can still hear the mother`s screams while that was happening. And this was all being done under a local authority where the senior man was saying: `A local authority has the power to do anything`..."

"So I`m going to say:  Justice in the UK? Human rights in the UK? Absolutely none. Utter, utter corruption running through the courts and of course the government system."


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