Thursday, 24 August 2017

Doctor who admits failings now works in Ireland

"A psychiatrist who admitted a series of failings over the death of a teenager with autism is understood to be still working in Ireland."

"Dr Valerie Murphy was the lead clinician in charge of Connor Sparrowhawk’s care when the 18-year-old had an epileptic seizure and drowned in a bath."

"The clinician who was in charge of his care has admitted 28 failings..."

"These included failing to carry out any risk assessments and failing to meet Connor’s clinical needs relating to his epilepsy and the bathroom. They also included failing to follow National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines."

"Connor died in the bath at Slade House, Oxfordshire, in July 2013..."

"Connor’s death led to the discovery that Southern Health had failed to properly investigate the deaths of more than 1,000 patients with learning disabilities or mental health problems."

"The trust has accepted responsibility for Connor’s death and faces prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive."

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