Saturday, 11 June 2016

Police Scotland and social work corruption

"UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest co-presenter Patrick Henningsen to cover today key stories in Europe and internationally. Also on the program are guests analysts David Scott from Northern Exposure and Mark Anderson from American Free Press - we cover Brexit, the Bilderberg Meeting in Dresden, Bilderberg tech moguls and their new A.I. run Smart Cities, State-sanctioned child snatching north of the border, Germany, Israel shuts down the West Bank and Gaza, EU sanctions against Russia, and the historical controversy of both the Arab (semitic) and Jewish (semitic) role in the Slave Trade."
Child snatching north of the border
Brian Docherty uploaded a video on Youtube, April 2015, to explain his ordeal after reporting that a paedophile, who was close friends with a Viscount, had attempted to buy access to his five year old autistic son.
Not only did Police Scotland fail to investigate but they sent a fraudulent document to social services about the family and pursued them to Ireland where their four children were placed in foster care.
The children were then returned to the Docherty`s after a court hearing. That was the position over a year ago.
It was very sad to learn on Friday`s UK Column News that the matter had not ended there. The children were seized again and have not seen their parents for five months.
There will be more in depth coverage of this case next week.
Starts about 27 minutes into the news.


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  2. Thanks for the link. A lot more detail there and suggestions as to how people can help:

    "[T]his help can be in the form of questions to the relevant authorities:"

    •Police Scotland
    •The Scottish Government Justice secretariat
    •Nicola Sturgeon
    •Aberdeenshire Council, Social Work Department
    •The police Service of Northern Ireland
    •The Garda
    •Social Work Department in LetterKenny in Donegal
    •The Home Office

    "These people have many questions to answer: the most pressing being `when will the Docherty Family be reunited?`"

    "The most troubling is `Who has the power to marshal the resources of three states to harass a single family for telling the truth?`"