Thursday, 31 March 2016

Democracy at work

Participatory democracy - you know that democracy that considers what the stakeholders have to say, and rewards them with grants; that`s coming. You know that kind of democracy that allows charities to run riot over people`s human rights, that allows those oft quoted charities like Barnardo`s to proclaim the benefits of the Named Person scheme; it`s here.

Martin Crewe Barnardo`s Scotland
Dragged out at almost every discussion, that kind of participant smoulders any notion that parents and their children, the electorate,  should have a say in how the system should work and how they should be governed. After all, these stakeholders are experts.

This is the Third Way. This is Big Society. No difference. It is the scientific management of society.

Most revealing to see is how the redundant government representatives - our MSPs - in this so-called democracy -  are juggling for positions in this farce.

Scottish Labour has called for a halt to Scotland's controversial named person scheme, despite backing the proposals in the Scottish Parliament...

The SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrats voted in favour of the Scottish government proposals in 2014, while the Conservatives abstained...

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