Saturday, 10 October 2015

From smart cities to smart communities

"This paper presents the conceptual framework and justification for a "Quantified Community" (QC) and a networked experimental environment of neighborhood labs. The QC is a fully instrumented urban neighborhood that uses an integrated, expandable, and participatory sensor network to support the measurement, integration, and analysis of neighborhood conditions, social interactions and behavior, and sustainability metrics to support public decision-making."

"Through a diverse range of sensor and automation technologies -- combined with existing data generated through administrative records, surveys, social media, and mobile sensors -- information on human, physical, and environmental elements can be processed in real-time to better understand the interaction and effects of the built environment on human well-being and outcomes. "

Recall how data management is to be carried out in Dumfries and Galloway by linking children`s records:

"[They] now have a powerful and sophisticated tool to link children from records and datasets that use NHS numbers, social care numbers, police references, education references and any other type of identifier."

There were earlier warnings:
Data are crucial to [integrated children`s services] and plays a major role in the policy. Without the capacity to collect, monitor and analyse data from different sources the concept of ICS is not imaginable.
(The Integrated Children`s Services Initiative)
The Named Person policy has always been part of the psychotic plan to manage the world - in order to take care of us.


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