Saturday, 21 June 2014

Children removed from Kerry and Mark McDougall

A Facebook group was opened on 21 June 2014 in support of Ben and Lochlan, the two sons of Kerry and Mark McDougall whose boys were removed from their care by social services on the same day. A member reports that:
This group is not owned, moderated or otherwise controlled by the family. It is completely independent.
This afternoon, after a five hour wait with police sitting in their living room keeping them under house arrest (without an arrest, of course) Fife Social Services came and took Ben and Lochlan McDougall into their custody. This will be a terrible long fight and both boys will need your help and support for them, and for Kerry and Mark. The boys have been removed. No one knows why. The police turned up at midnight last night with Social Workers who asked if the family were going to return to Ireland (Where Social Workers deemed the family fine). Mark asked if they could go out and visit the grandparents today. Social Worker said they could go wherever they pleased, there was nothing to stop them.
Today, police turned up at approx 1pm. Asked Mark and Kerry to remain in the house until Social Workers arrived. Social workers did not turn up for over five hours. When they did, they took both boys away.
Mark and Kerry, devastated. As ever, no evidence of neglect. None. I'll update you on the paperwork whilst I can. Please propagate, share, tell everyone. We are legally allowed to speak right now. That may not be the case, come Monday.
By: Morgan Gallagher

Group at!/groups/249731588558370/

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  1. We are all behind you and support your family. I have shared your story with my followers on twitter and on The Double Parent's facebook page.