Saturday, 15 June 2013

Child Poverty

It`s ironic that in the same week there is a large gathering in Hyde Park campaigning against malnutrition and the millions of children who die globally each year, there are figures out that show an increase of 300,000 children in the United Kingdom are experiencing poverty. This makes a total of 2.6 million facing hardship.

According to David Cameron the appearance of more and more food banks is a sign that Big Society is working.  If David Cameron does not know that the coalition`s austerity measures are the reason for the food banks and increasing child poverty then he has nothing worthwhile to say about anything.

From the Save the Children UK website we are told that Eglantyne Jebb, one of the founders of the charity, wanted to make the rights and welfare of children a major issue around the world and she has nearly succeeded. Her "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" was adopted by the League of Nations and inspired the present UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Whenever this legislation is introduced into a country it invariably undermines parental rights and allows the State, by acting for the child, to dictate what should happen to families.

Another NGO, UNICEF which was behind the Big IF rally against child malnutrition at Hyde Park is also United Nations based. But it is important to know that these non-governmental organisations have a hidden global agenda.

There`s been a lot of rhetoric about tax since the Bilderberg meeting in Watford last week where it is believed by some that tax evasion by big corporations was discussed and has been hyped up in the mainstream media in order to begin to push through a world tax system as the solution. Then at the Big IF rally in Hyde Park, tax evasion was cunningly linked to child malnutrition in order to play on people`s emotions and muster support.  A global taxation system would be one step along the way to a one world government, something the United Nations and Bilderberg globalists have been working for through their various NGOs and charities for years.

Please read about Big If`s celebrity speaker Bill Gates and his global vision and involvement with Monsanto, agriculture and eugenics HERE. Also note his involvement in planned parenthood and population control HERE  All these issues are part of the United Nations global agenda.

Let`s see what comes out of the G8 summit in Ireland next week, but whatever it is, it will be important to read between the lines, unless of course Syria tops the bill.,       

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